Privacy Policy

ProMedecin is the author and issuer of the Internet source on the World Wide Web. All the applications and software is offered by ProMedecin, including the mobile application ‘ProMedecin’ and any other services listed on the website.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to clarify how and why we collect personal information of consumers for our services including the medical practitioners; including how we utilize, distribute, disclose and safeguard this personal information.

Our Privacy Policy demonstrates our obligation to protect the confidentiality of your personal details. Your usage and access of our services is applicable to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

When you use our services and agree to provide us with your information, it is presumed that you have read, understood and in agreement to the policies and practices stated in this Privacy Policy. From henceforth, you consent to the collection, usage, sharing and disclosure of your personal information by “US” as described in this Privacy Policy. We attain the right to alter, modify, delete or add portions of the stated terms in this privacy policy at our discretion at any point in time. If you don’t agree with our Privacy Policy at any point in time, please refrain from sharing your details or using our services. If you are using the services on someone else’s behalf, such as your child or another entity (employer), you indicate that you are approved by that entity or individual to

  • Accept this Privacy Policy on the individual or entity’s behalf, and
  • Consent on the behalf of the entity or individual to the collection, usage and disclosure of your individual or entity’s details by us as stated in this Privacy Policy.

1. Why this Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy will state the following:

  • The type of details collected by us from Users, such as Personal Information, Sensitive Personal Data or Information related to the individual; AND
  • The means, purpose and mode of collection, processing, usage, retention and destruction of this information; AND
  • To whom and how ProMedecin will release this information.

2. Collection of Personal Information

Many of the services we provide oblige us to find out who you are. This enables us to best meet your requirements. When accessing our Services, or via any interaction with us such as telephone calls, emails, or other forms of correspondence, we may ask you to willingly provide certain personal details that identify you or that may be used to identify you. You hereby give us, ProMedecin, the consent to collect such information. Without prejudice to general information we collect from you, the information we may amass from you may include items such as the following:

  • Contact Details (email address and telephone number);
  • Demographic Information (gender, pin code, date of birth);
  • Data related to the usage of our services, appointment history made with or by you via the usage of our Services;
  • Insurance information (insurance plan, insurance carrier);
  • Other information voluntarily provided by you via letters or emails.

“Personal Information” means any details related to a natural person, either directly or indirectly that is capable of identifying a person. In addition, sensitive personal information or data of a personal includes:

  • Passwords;
  • Financial details such as credit and debit card information, bank account or other payment option details;
  • Mental and physical health conditions;
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Medical history and records;
  • Biometric information;
  • Information received by our body corporate under legal contract;
  • Call data records
  • Visitor details provided by you during registration or afterwards.

ProMedecin is free to use, amass and disclose this information that is easily available in the public domain without your prior consent.

3. Privacy Statements

3.1 All Users Note:

This section applies to all users:

  • 3.1.1 Each user’s access and use of our services denotes their acceptance of our Terms of Use and the terms in our Privacy Policy. Any user who does not agree with the provisions stated in both policies retains the option of discontinuing the use of our Services immediately.
  • 3.1.2. ProMedecin may need you to provide a list symptomatic list of details to enable the use of our Services. This is provided in the schedule near this Privacy Policy.
  • 3.1.3. All the personal information provided to ProMedecin by a User such as sensitive or personal data is voluntary. It means you comprehend that ProMedecin may use certain parts of your information for (a) the purpose of providing you with better services, (b) for commercial purposes and in a non-personal type of research and statistical analysis and business intelligence purposes, (c) for transfer or sale of research, statistical analysis or business intelligence data in a non-personal form to affiliates and third parties, (d) communication purposes so that we can provide an improved way of obtaining feedback, booking appointments, etc. as related to the Medical Practitioner and their practice, (e) debugging customer support issues.

ProMedecin reserves the right to utilize this information provided by the user for the following purposes:

  • Publishing information on the Website;
  • Contacting users for offering services and new products;
  • Contacting users for obtaining service and product feedback;
  • Analysing software use patterns to improve product utility and design;

If you voluntarily provide ProMedecin with your personal information for purposes other than those stated above, you therefore consent to the collection and use of information by ProMedecin.

ProMedecin will not contact you on your telephone number that is registered with the Do Not Call Registry without your prior, clear and written consent.

  • 3.1.4. Your express consent is required for the collection, usage and disclosure of data classified as Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Data under GCC rules. By providing your consent to our Privacy Policy, you consent to the use, collection and release of information as required by law.
  • 3.1.5. ProMedecin does not endorse or control the messages, content or information found in any Services, therefore specifically disclaims liability to the services and any consequences resulting from user’s participation in any services. You agree to waive any claims against ProMedecin relating to the same.
  • 3.1.6. You are responsible for maintaining your information’s accuracy, i.e. contact information provided during registration. If there are changes to your personal information, please delete, edit or correct this information. If you provide information that is inaccurate, untrue, incomplete or out of date or ProMedecin finds reasonable grounds to suspect the untruth of the details you provided, ProMedecin may at its discretion, discontinue providing services to the user. There may be situations where ProMedecin will not delete, correct or update your personal information, including personal data that is considered opinion data which is maintained for evaluative purposes.
  • 3.1.7. If you decide to cancel your ProMedecin account or prefer that we no longer use your personal information to provide you with our services, please contact our Customer Support Team. Your information will be retained until your account is active and required to provide you with our services. We will not retain your information for longer than is required for the purposes for which the information may be lawfully used by us. Please note that your request to withdraw or cancel your account will result in ProMedecin not being able to provide you with its services. It may lead to the termination of all existing relationships with ProMedecin.
  • 3.1.8. If you want to opt-out of receiving non-important communications from us such as marketing or promotional information related to our services, please send our Customer Care team an email.
  • 3.1.9. ProMedecin may require users to pay using a debit card, credit card, wire transfer or cheque for usage of our Services. ProMedecin will amass the user’s credit card number and/or financial institution details such as bank account number. We will use this information for billing and payment processing. Verification of credit card details is performed by the user via authentication procedures. The user’s debit/credit card details are transacted upon by secure sites of pre-approved payment gateways which are digitally encrypted. ProMedecin provides you with the option of not saving your payment information.
  • 3.1.10. Due to communications standards on the Internet, anyone who visits ProMedecin website, ProMedecin automatically receives the URL of the site from where the user is visiting. ProMedecin receives the Internet Protocol (IP) address of each visitor’s computer (or the proxy server a User used to access the World Wide Web), including the user’s computer operating system, type of web browser used by the visitor, email patterns and visitor’s ISP name. This information is collected to analyze overall trends which will help ProMedecin improve its service offerings. The link between the visitor’s IP address and personally identifiable data is not shared or disclosed to third parties. Notwithstanding the above, ProMedecin may share/disclose some of the aggregate findings (not the specific data) in an anonymized form (non-personally identifiable) to help grow its business.
  • 3.1.11.The Website uses temporary cookies to store certain data (not sensitive personal data) that will be used by ProMedecin and its service providers for technical administration of the Website, research and development, and for visitor administration. You retain the option of disabling cookies in your browser. You may continue to use the website, but some parts of it may be limited in use.
  • 3.1.12. Visitors may have limited access to the ProMedecin services if they do not create an account. Unregistered visitors may still make appointments with medical practitioners by providing their contact information. However, to access all the features of the website, a visitor must create an account. To create the account, the visitor must provide that enables ProMedecin to identify the visitor. The information required is: user ID, country, email address, ZIP or postal code, phone number, gender, age, password selected by user, valid financial information, etc. Other information may be requested which will enable ProMedecin to send promotional offers to the visitor and customize their experiences on the site.
  • 3.1.13. This Privacy Policy applies to the services that are operated and owned by ProMedecin. We do not endorse nor control the policies of third party sites that the visitor may choose to visit.
  • 3.1.14. The website enables visitors to communicate with other visitors and post information that is accessible by others. Such visitors are not authorized ProMedecin agents or representatives and their statements/opinions do not reflect those held by the company nor are they bound by any contract to ProMedecin. We hereby disclaim any liability for misuse or reliance such information made available by visitors.
  • 3.1.15. ProMedecin does not collect information about its visitors from other sources such as private organizations, public records, etc. ProMedecin maintains a “no spam policy”. This means we do not intend to rent, sell, or provide your contact information to third party organizations without your consent.
  • 3.1.16. ProMedecin has instated top notch international market practices, rules, security policies and technical measures to safeguard visitors’ personal data and protect it from unauthorised access, disclosure, improper use or unauthorised modification, unlawful destruction and accidental loss. However, ProMedecin will not be held liable for any loss incurred by the Visitor.
  • 3.1.17 ProMedecin has implemented sensible security procedures and practices, including a comprehensive information documentation security programme, information security policies which contain managerial, operational, technical, and physical security control measures.
  • 3.1.18. ProMedecin considers your right to privacy very seriously. It will only disclose personal information as required to do so by law, rule, law enforcement agency, legislation, governmental official, legal authority, etc. or similar requirements or when ProMedecin, in its sole discretion, deems it nein order to prevent harm to property, persons, or to combat fraud, credit risk or any other illegal activities.
3.2. Practitioner’s Note:

This section is applicable to all medical practitioners.

  • 3.2.1. As part of the registration procedure, ProMedecin will collect certain personal data or sensitive information.
  • 3.2.2. The statements stated in this Privacy Policy are applicable to all medical practitioners and must therefore be read and thoroughly understood, prior to submitting any personal or sensitive information to ProMedecin.
  • 3.2.3. The personal information provided by practitioners will describe and identify themselves. These details are exclusively owned by ProMedecin. You will own the information and you will provide consent to ProMedecin to use, collect, process or disclose this information for the purposes listed in this policy. ProMedecin may use this information for commercial purposes, in non-personal research, business intelligence purposes, statistical analyses and may also sell or transfer information collected from research, analyses or intelligence data to affiliates and third parties. ProMedecin reserves the right to use the information provided by you for the following purposes:
    • Publish information on the website
    • Contact medical practitioners to offer new services or products (subject to whether telephone number is registered with DNC registry or not)
    • Contact practitioners regarding obtaining product feedback
    • Analyse software use patterns for improving product utility and design
  • 3.2.4. ProMedecin automatically enables the listing of Medical Practitioners’ information on its Website for every ‘Doctor’ or ‘Clinic’ added to a Practice using its software. The practioner’s information is published on the site and is displayed when a visitor searches for doctors on the website. The information is accessed to make appointments with the practitioner by visitors. Any personal or identifiable information provided medical practitioners on the website is not created by ProMedecin. We display this information on an as-is basis, making no representation on the accuracy, completeness or warranty of the information listed. ProMedecin does not take safety measures to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this information.
3.3 End-Users Note:

This section applies to all End-users:

  • 3.3.1. As part of our registration and application procedures, we require certain personal and sensitive data from end-users.
  • 3.3.2. All the statements made in this policy are applicable to all end-users, who are therefore required to read and understand everything written in the Privacy Policy before submitting any information to ProMedecin.
  • 3.3.3. If you inadvertently submit information to ProMedecin before reading the policy and you do not agree to the way we collect, process, store, use or disclose your information, you may send an email to our Customer Care.
  • 3.3.4. Information provided by end-users is used by ProMedecin to conduct research, statistical analyses, intelligence use and is done so in a non-personal form which we may sell to affiliates or third parties. We may use this information to:
    • Analyse software use patterns for improving product utility and design
    • Analyse information for R & D of new technologies
    • Use analysis data in commercial product offerings of ProMedecin
    • Share analysis with third parties for commercial purposes
  • 3 set by ProMedecin
3.4 Casual Visitors’ Note:
  • 3.4.1. ProMedecin does not automatically collect sensitive data from casual visitors who are perusing the site.
  • 3.4.2. Casual visitors are still required to read ProMedecin Privacy Policy.
  • 3.4.3. If as a casual visitor, you do not agree to the way ProMedecin processes, collects, obtains, stores, uses, discloses, retains information, simply quit your browser which should clear all temporary cookies installed by ProMedecin.

4.Confidentiality and Security

  • 4.1. Your personal information is maintained by {{appName}} in an electronic format on all its equipment. {{appName}} takes necessary safety measures to protect personal information both offline and online. We have implemented reasonable security measures and practices, including operational, technical, physical and managerial control measures to protect the information collected.
  • 4.2. ProMedecin administrator has knowledge of your saved password. You must protect your password from unauthorized access, both on your phone and computer. Ensure you log off completely before leaving the site. If you suspect unauthorized use, contact Customer Care at ProMedecin immediately.
  • 4.3. Part of ProMedecin functionality is to assist medical practitioners to organize and maintain personal and sensitive information. We may submit and retain these records to appropriate doctors and authorities who request access to such confidential information.

5. Changes to Privacy Policy

ProMedecin may update its Privacy Policy at any time, without any advance notice. If significant changes are made to the policy, ProMedecin will display this on its website or send out an email to all registered visitors. If you have any objections to the terms listed here or to any changes made to the policy in the future, we encourage you to contact Customer Care.

6. Minors’ Privacy

ProMedecin encourages parents and guardians to supervise their minor children who may inadvertently use ProMedecin. The site is not intended for the use of children or minors. The same applies to its mobile application.

7.Consent to this Policy

You acknowledge that our Privacy Policy is a part of the website and our services. You agree unconditionally to these terms when you become a registered or non-registered user of the website.

8. Address for Privacy Questions

If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding ProMedecin Privacy Policy, its collection, usage or disclosure practices, you may contact their Data Collection Officer.