ProMedecin Profile

Create your ProMedecin profile to communicate the scope and details of your service. This will be pivotal to your presence on the app as it would be the first thing that users would see about you.

  • Your expertise area
  • Services you offer
  • Your qualification and institutions
  • Associations and Accreditations
  • Internship and Practice details
  • Fees and payment options
  • Timings and Locations
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Online Consultation Free Question Answers, Chat Consult (Paid)

Users/Patients can ask their queries to the doctor through the Q&A page. There is an option to connect with doctors through chat and get answers to doubts and questions related to health and medicines. This way they can well know about their condition and discuss their problems and concerns to find expert solutions to them.


Schedule/Manage Appointments

ProMedecin app allows you to plan and manage appointments dynamically with great control and ease. As a doctor you can manage multiple records and files, organize slots, fix appointments, keep entries and keep a check on each detail related to appointments. The best part, you can do it with great flexibility and high accuracy, with the advanced organizer integrated within the app.


ProMedecin Health Articles

There are a host of knowledge resources and reference materials for doctors and practicing professionals on ProMedecin. They can read detailed articles on health and refer to various health case studies for free. There are different journals and writings pertaining to health, nutrition and wellness which doctors can refer to and get help to enhance their learning and to get help with research and development.


Patient Feedback

Doctors have access to all the details related to what patients have to say about the consultation or treatment. This is of great importance for medical professionals as such feedbacks help them in improving and augmenting their ways of diagnosis and communication to achieve better results. Also, this can help future patients to perceive a doctor’s ability and performance in a real situation based on a patient’s feedback.


ProMedecin profile

Your ProMedecin profile allows you to well communicate the clinic’s scope, identity and purpose to the intended audience by describing your profile. You can add locations, services, timings, facilities and healthcare specialties the clinic deals in. Such details help patients understand and connect with the hospital better.

  • Services and expertise area
  • Operating hours and locations
  • Fees and payment options
  • Daily rosters, routine sheets, and availability details
  • Doctors and staff information/profile

Map multiple doctors and services

Let patients experience a holistic healthcare experience at your hospital, allowing them to search and seek medical help for different conditions and ailments, all in one place. Let them find doctors and specialists from different disciplines and expert areas. Also, allow them to avail other connected and extended services like health diagnosis, medication and therapies, for an inclusive service value.


Manage multiple clinics

The ProMedecin app allows you to add and manage multiple clinic fronts and chambers across locations. With the app you can perform different administrative actions and control jobs and resources at clinics or hospitals at different locations, centrally. And all that with a few easy scrolls and taps!


Powerful Scheduler

Another important thing that you can do with this app is manage schedules and timetables at work. This may include assigning duty hours to doctors, preparing job calendar, managing substitutions, sequencing tasks, creating and appointing different staff roles and executing those in time in right order.


Manage feedback from patients

For any institution or service provider it is important to know how they are perceived and received by their patrons and users. The app acknowledges the fact pretty much and allows clinicians to take genuine feedback from patients from time to time in the form of ratings, reviews and testimonials.


Job postings and vacancy alerts

The app even allows you to create and share job posts and send vacancy alerts across groups. This can help you timely recruit the right person on the right job, by attracting, filtering, and scanning their applications in a well-controlled manner. And this is pivotal to keep your tasks and duties up and running!


ProMedecin Doctor App

Grow and empower your healthcare practice with ProMedecin Doctor App

ProMedecin Doctor App enables you to:

  • Go online and see patients using the app
  • Define and shape your online presence
  • Transact and get paid digitally
  • Dynamically manage and schedule appointments
  • Manage data and details online with great accuracy and control
  • Manage your services online